Whitney Wisconsin Drama

The start of the drama

One day Whitney Wisconsin produced a video called “10 reasons why females should have sex with dogs” (which has since been removed by YouTube for breaching terms of service) (which has now been deleted by YouTube for violating terms of service).

Leafy created a video about this called “THE NASTIEST GIRL ON YOUTUBE EVER” talking about how her doing things like that with her dog was awful. Some how, because of this, Whitney grew a fascination for him and was being very public about it for insistence constantly making tweets regarding liking him, making a video called “Paying Homage to My Lizard King. @LeafyIsHere” where she filmed herself eating a cockroach, altered her name on twitter to “Litney Leafconsin” and much much more. Of course, Leafy created a video about it. The video was captioned “THE NASTIEST GIRL ON THE INTERNET WANTS ME” and in it he claims he doesn’t like her back and if he ever goes missing to contact the police because it would be her kidnapping him. Whitney Wisconsin.

The Leafy and Whitney interview: Whitney Wisconsin.

On 5th April 2016 Keemstar posted the video “Leafy & The Dog F*CKER – YouTube Love Story #DramaAlert HOT #LeafyandWhitney” into the DramaAlert YouTube channel. In the video he brings on Whitney and asks whether the things about her having sex with her dog was true. She confesses that it is real and that she has done it to 3 different pets. He then questions whether she really had a crush on Leafy and why she created the films she made, she responds stating that her crush on Leafy is real and that she made the videos on Leafy because she believed he would think it was nice.

He then brings up that Leafy stated in his video that if he went missing to contact the police because it would be her and asks if shes ever considered that Leafy may not like her back, Whitney replies “No hes putting up a front. I will go abduct him, I will travel to Utah and show my devotion to him” Keems wonders whether shes being serious and she replies with “and he knows it. Hes simply putting a front on right now and isn’t ready to inform anybody yet.”

Keem then adds Leafy on the call and Whitney tells him shes infatuated with him and loves him. Leafy instantly begins giggling wondering if shes being serious and asks if its being placed on DramaAlert. Keem informs him that it is a DramaAlert and Whitney encourages him to “just keep talking” which makes Leafy laugh even more asking “what the fuck is this shit” numerous times not just now but throughout the whole video. He then makes a joke stating “I’m sorry but i’m more of a hamster guy like I’m not really like dogs” Whitney responds with “don’t worry that’s alright ill do whatever for you” Keem asks if shes being serious and Whitney responds that shes being serious which makes Leafy laugh even harder. Whitney Wisconsin.

He stops laughing when she adds that she will really video herself doing it and will even travel to Leafy and do it right in front of him. This is greeted with a very late chuckle by Leafy and Keem with Leafy once again saying “what the fuck” a few times. Leafy makes another joke about the hamsters stating “I’m ready to make it work if she does the hamsters, I’m not really a dog lover y’know” with Whitney just responding with “I’ll do hamsters. Do you want me to book a flight right now? To Utah?” Which is greeted with another extremely late chuckle from Leafy and the answer “KEEM. WHAT THE FUCK KEEM”. Whitney then decides she needs to have kids and Keem cracks the joke that Leafy can roast the kids which makes Leafy crack up again. He then raises the hamster joke again stating that he would meet her if she says she will do it. Whitney Wisconsin.

Keem asks if theres any videos of her doing it with dogs or if she’s just kidding, She replies that there is which makes Leafy understand she wasn’t joking and goes quiet with another late chuckle leading in Keem making a joke that he “accidently turned Leafy off”. She then sates that she was paid 20 thousand dollars to do it and record it, Leafy wonders how that’s even possible and Whitney responds stating that he would find out soon enough leading in Keem and Leafy bursting into laughter once more. She that says even more nasty things shes done. Keem asks if she had any problems growing up to make her do all this and she replies there wasn’t but none of her family knows about any of the things she does. Whitney Wisconsin.

Keem asks if there’s anything to assist her stop what shes doing and she replies stating the only reason she will stop is if Leafy tells her that he loves her. Keem asks if shes being serious and she responds that she pledges to quit if Leafy says he loves her but he has to mean it and he has to say it very slowly. Leafy attempts to say it but then ends up repeating several times that he simply cant bring himself to say it. Keem points out that if Leafy accomplishes this he would be a wonderful guy since he will be rescuing many creatures. With just a little more persuading from Keem, Leafy ends up saying it.

The Whitney and Emma Playground Insult Match: Whitney Wisconsin.

Keemstar has a series called “Playground Insult Match” where two YouTubers will go on to try to insult each other in a sort of roast fight type of way and Keemstar will operate as a referee of sorts trying to keep the roasts from becoming and real argument and also making sure that they’re taking turns when insulting each other. On the 11 April 2016’s episode “DOG F*CKER versus DADDY ISSUES #DramaAlert – Leafy Love – Playground Insult Match (Gone Wrong)” the competitors were Whitney Wisconsin and Emmahdorable. The match began off as usual Keem explaining who the competitors are and them selecting who goes first but something seemed a little odd. Emma was OK but Whitney was behaving strange, she was spending lots of time responding and was making really conventional comments like “you have the face of a mountain lion” and things like that.

Then Emma taunts Whitney by asking “do your parents work at NASA? because I truly believe you should be a red rocket scientist”, Keem says is Whitney’s time, She immediately responds with “no but I know you work at olive garden”. It stays quiet for a while and Emma asks how that’s an insult, Whitney cuts her of by adding “and I know your actual name is [BEEP]” (beep since Keemstar banned it) (beep because Keemstar censored it). the room becomes quiet and Whitney replies “and I know you reside in [BEEP]” Emma replies stating “this is a bit too much, this is like way too much like i-i got on here cuz u followed me and *laugh* now your exposing my confidential info like whats going on with this”. Whitney replies saying that Emma was asking Whitney to follow her because Whitney had something on her. She wants to go back to the insults but Keem wonders what she means when she claims she has something on Emma.

Emma adds that the entire incident began because she was talking about Leafy on a live stream and was speaking about how he had a new girlfriend at the time, she then says that someone had given her a video of Whitney having sex with a boxer dog and Whitney had been asking her not to share it. they then made a deal that if Whitney went on a Playground Insult Match with Emma, she wouldn’t share the video, but now Whitney is attempting to expose her personal data. Whitney replies by stating that shes doing it because Emma had shared the video. Whitney Wisconsin.

Keem asks them if they both agree this is what occurred, Whitney then verifies that what Emma stated was accurate. Keem then asks Whitney why shes attempting to expose Emma’s personal data, Whitney replies “its not a jealousy issue but I don’t believe she deserves Leafy at all, I mean.” Emma replies with “I mean she looks so much like a dog I’m amazed she doesn’t want to fuck herself but I empathize with her since the only dog I’ve ever wanted to fuck is Leafy so not sure why he would stop talking to me for her but y’know”. Keem asks whether they both like Leafy or what and Whitney threatens to expose Emma’s address and identity again, Keem responds stating that she cant do that and thats its going too far. Emma then adds “did you start fucking dogs because you went through all your brothers or something?”, Whitney responds stating she doesn’t have any brothers, Emma asks if they all died and Whitney replies claiming she never had any brothers.

Keem asks again whether they both like Leafy or not, Whitney replies she does but Emma’s faking. Emma cuts her off stating that shes a joke and that shes just using him for views and that everyone knows it. Keem wonders whether Emma is speaking the truth and Whitney replies Emma is lying. Emma states that if she ever meets Whitney in real life shes going to knock her out, Whitney asks if she wnts her to book a trip and go to her home.

They start fighting and in video Whitney claims she was trying not to bring up the issue between the two but she was tired of Emma and couldnt not, Emma then adds that she has screenshots of Whitney stating to YouTubers that she would break up with Leafy so she can be with them. Keem replies stating that Leafy and Whitney aren’t dating therefore she cant break up with him, the room is quiet for a bit then Emma adds that Whitney informed her that shes dating Leafy.

It then turns to them concluding a disagreement and Keem being the one to break it up. He then adds that maybe instead of them fighting over what is and isnt occurring they should simply ask Leafy to come on and confirm/deny what is and isn’t going on. They both think its an excellent idea and Keem says he will speak to Leafy and maybe he can get them and Leafy on tomorrow to try and straighten the issue out.

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